After 2 Weeks’ work on the website, my personal blog is finally online again!

Currently the whole website is written with HTML/CSS from scratch. Everything follows the HTML5 standard. Responsive design and search engine optimization (SEO) are also considered throughout the development process.

The same as my previous version, the whole website is powered by Jekyll, a very light-weight but powerful site generator. Using Jekyll, I can easily write posts using Markdown, my favorite markup document format with very simple and elegant grammar. YAML front matter and Liquid template make Jekyll super cool. Basically it supports every need I can imagine for a blog site. And it’s static, which makes the whole site much easier to deploy.

During the development process, I enjoyed learning these web development technologies a lot. These technologies just emerge in very recent years but have been getting popular very quickly. This is the success of the spirit free sharing – everyone have access and everyone can contribute. I benefit a lot from the open source community and I really hope I can also contribute my efforts to the community as well.